About Us

Our hair is central to our identity. We curate our personality by the way we style our hair. From braids to fades, so much of our individuality can be derived from our hair. At the Black Hair Network, we have a vision.  A complete platform for the entire Black hair experience. We connect you with the artist of your dreams and provide you with the highest quality products for YOUR hair. BHN helps you create the crown you wear, your hair.

Have you ever gotten your hair done, only to look into the mirror and think, “Damn, I have to wait for this cut to grow out”? Or you can barely sleep without taking an Advil because your braids are way too tight and you know that you’re going to lose your edges? No more hats. No more bad hair days. That’s why we’re here. We allow you to select your ideal artist, see their portfolio, rating, location and prices. All in one place. So that you can have the hair experience that you deserve.